Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I'm In a Hurry...

It seems like no matter where I’m at when things start happening, they all happen at the same time. The last few weeks have been extremely busy, for example last week I gave a Sunday night service at the English Hospital in Nazareth, on Tuesday I taught a class in Doctrine of the Holy Spirit on Augustinian views concerning gender in relation to the Holy Spirit, I gave a lesson on Luke 4 at the church in Acco, and of course had my regular class; Introduction to the Pentateuch on Thursday. On top of all of that I started Arabic lessons (with the Galilean dialect) and had couchsurfers staying at my place.

To say the least, I spent a good part of my time studying and preparing which was good since it was raining almost every day. However, I did make time for some fun. On Monday, I went to Tiberias and the Sea of Galilee again with the couchsurfers. We spent some time lost in Nazareth, trying to find the correct bus stop heading to Tiberias, and after asking about 5 people where we should go, and getting about 5 different answers, all of which were wrong, we finally spotted the right bus at a stop light. Running to the next bus stop to catch it, we were finally on our way. It was nice to go again, since unlike last time I wasn’t incredibly jetlagged and falling asleep. We spent some time just admiring the sea, and I got to tout my limited biblical knowledge of the sea. Unfortunately, we got a late start so there wasn’t time to go see some of the major sites, so we just spent the afternoon walking along the sea. On our way, we did spot what we thought was an abandoned archeological dig, so naturally we found a weak spot in the fence climbed over an ancient wall and started exploring. After looking around for a few minuets, we found out it wasn’t as abandoned as we thought, and came upon a group of archaeologists who had cut out a square in the middle of a mosaic and were digging underneath it trying to find pottery and coins that might help them date it. Luckily for us, they were quite friendly; they introduced themselves, and showed us what they were doing.  They were also kind enough to point out some of the more interesting spots of the dig, which included a Roman amphitheater currently being excavated a little further up the mountain which we were able to explore.

I suppose it goes to show, that even when things are at their busiest, and even when the weather is terrible, there are adventures to be had. While there hasn’t been a lot else going  on I’ve had a good couple of weeks. It’s nice to have things to do and to stay busy. Friday I’m heading to Prague where I’ll meet up with my Granny Pam who will then come back to Israel with me on Monday. We will be traveling to more places in Israel and I’ll have my camera in tow to take lots of pictures. And speaking of pictures, I’ve finally uploaded some of my pictures to thespoiledamerican.smugmug.com/ so be sure to check them out!

Much Love,

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  1. Hey Bryan,

    I've been staying caught up on your blog posts and have thoroughly enjoyed your experiences! Very much wish I could be right along with you experiencing Israel in a very day-to-day existence like yours, as opposed to a rushed touristy one!

    Continue to enjoy, encourage, persevere, and most importantly, make the name of our King Jesus famous!

    -Kevin B