Saturday, February 12, 2011

Cue The Doogie Howser Theme Music...

Only three weeks in Israel and I’m already behind on my blogging, this is the story of my life.  The last couple of weeks have been fairly interesting but not super eventful. Last week when I started to write I started out by saying that it had been a week of new encounters, and it indeed it was.  Classes started at N.E.T.S. so I was able to start meeting the students. We have classes here on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Some of the students live in or around Nazareth but a lot of them commute from Haifa or other cities.  Overall it was a great week, the students in my Thursday class are all Sudanese students who are very excited for the recent developments in the Southern Sudan. I’m still learning the ropes of teaching in this type of atmosphere but the first day of classes went well. They are a great group who have a heart to serve their Lord and are hungry to learn the word of God. It’s refreshing to come into contact with these sorts of individuals, no matter where one lands. 

Besides getting to meet the students I’ll be working with I had the chance to go to Acco. Acco has had several names, but perhaps most notably to Christians it was once Ptolemais, which is where Paul landed in Acts 21:7 while traveling up the Mediterranean Sea. The old part of the city is remarkable, situated on the Sea its ancient walls that held off even Napoleon still stand. Walking around the city is like stepping back in time, street shops throughout the city sell a variety of items, from Crocs (the sandals) to sharks (the big fish with teeth.) It’s easy to get lost (which I did a few times) since it’s built around narrow windy streets surrounded by looming walls. My trip to Acco was the first of hopefully many, while there I was introduced to a small church that has been growing over the last several years. The group of believers in this city have the same fire to learn the word of God that I encountered at NETS and I’m looking forward to partnering along side them. It’s always interesting coming in contact with a church that is different from what one is use to, if anything it’s an opportunity to be taught how the Christian faith looks from another brother’s or sister’s eyes.

Between the students at NETS the church in Acco and some American’s I’ve ran into, last week was indeed full of new encounters. But this week has been more less a week of solitude, as I’ve been sick since Tuesday. It wasn’t anything too bad but I woke up Tuesday with a bad cold and sore throat, I’m finally getting better but I’ve pretty much stayed home all week trying to get over it.  So to say the least, not much has happened this week, besides silently thanking my Grandma Jean for teaching me how to hang up cloths since I don’t have a dryer (a talent I think I promised myself I would never use) and seeing a rather large gathering last Sunday in support of Egypt. 

Anyways…  When I start writing one of these I usually feel like Doogie Howser typing up a journal entry on an old IBM, which should summarize everything and tie in a great moral lesson. Since I don’t have one in stock, I’ll leave you with this.

Much Love,


  1. Love it brother! Keep 'em coming! Don't forget pictures!

  2. Thanks Eric! Hopefully tomorrow my package with a SD card reader will show up and I can post some pics.